Workshop: Operating SRF Systems Reliably in a „Dirty“ Accelerator 14.- 15.9.2017 in Berlin

Link to Indico Operating SRF Systems Reliably in a „Dirty“ Accelerator
Location: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
                   WCR Campus
                   Kekule Straße 7
                   Room: "Kino" 13.10-6

The aim of the workshop is to gather together the expert community to compile experience with these operating conditions and develop recipes for the reliable operation of high-voltage SRF.
To this end, we would like to invite you to submit abstracts on your experiences of operating SRF at a large scale facility.
The deadline to submit abstracts is 31st of August 2017. We will endeavour to provide talks for all submitted abstracts. To facilitate discussion talks should concise with minimal slides to present the issue and enable discussion, within the session. This will allow topics to be discussed not merely presented. In addition to presentations we will hold round table sessions where we can openly discuss these topics and other challenges operating SRF in a large scale machine.