Helmholtz ARD

Accelerator Research and Development
of the Helmholtz Research Program Matter and Technologies

       The Topic Accelerator Research and Development (ARD) of the Helmholtz Program Matter and Technologies (MT) pushes the limits of particle accelerator technology, science, and its applications. MT-ARD is structured into four Subtopics to focus the research and strengthen the fruitful cooperation between the six participating Helmholtz centers, two Helmholtz institutes, and further the collaboration with universities and other national and international research organizations.
       MT-ARD contributes substantially to the future expansion of capabilities of large-scale accelerator-based research facilities within the Helmholtz Association and beyond and, at the same time, serves to develop novel disruptive concepts and methods. Thus, its activities form the foundation and nucleus for the continued scientific leadership of the Research Field Matter in decoding the structure and function of matter, materials, and biological systems. As MT-ARD is a true cross-disciplinary endeavor linking science and technology, it offers an ideal environment for the growth and education of students at all stages, postdoctoral researchers, as well as early career technicians and engineers.